APCAV general meeting

On December 27th, our ordinary general meeting was held at the Verbier W Hotel in the presence of 180 members. Brigitte Borel, President of the association which will celebrate its 55th anniversary in 2023, presented various measures that the committee intends to put in place from 2023 to give a new dynamic to the association. Although benefiting from a stable base of members representing approximately 800 families who have been faithful for many years, APCAV is faced with the challenge of attracting the next generation of owners as well as new owners. The committee plans to undertake an in-depth reflection on the value proposition that APCAV wishes to bring to its members. In particular, events wil be organized during which various topics of interest to owners will be presented, while at the same time offering networking opportunities. While expanding its offer, APCAV wishes to continue to be the voice of owners with the local authorities and partners, defending their general interests. The committee will adopt a more entrepreneurial approach by professionalizing communication, marketing and events and by seeking sponsors and partners for the association.

At the end of the statutory part, Christophe Maret, President of the Municipality of Val de Bagnes, Simon Wiget, Director of Verbier Tourisme, and Laurent Vaucher, CEO of Téléverbier SA, spoke in turn on current topics such as the construction of the sport center, the calendar of events and the construction of the new combimix planned between Les Esserts and Savoleyres.