logo apcav verbier APCAV is the Association of Property Owners of Chalets and Apartments in Verbier. The association aims to represent and protect the interests of property owners of Verbier whilst consulting and communicating with the local authorities on the harmonious development of the resort and the surrounding area.

An APCAV committee member sits on the board of the SDV, The Society for the Development of Verbier. The APCAV committee member attends the SDV meetings, representing the interests of property owners and communicating information from those meetings to our membership.

An APCAV Committee member attends General Meetings of the FVSR2, the Federation of Associations of Second Residence Property Owners in Valais, to which APCAV is affiliated.  The APCAV Committee member represent the interests of Verbier property owners and communicates information at Cantonal level to APCAV membership.

APCAV Statutes

APCAV Mission Statement

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