Press release: rumoured takeover of Téléverbier

The initiative to raise funds from certain Verbier owners to counter the acquisition of a majority stake in Téléverbier SA by the American group Vail Resorts did not originate with the APCAV. However, we have been informed of these moves by several of our members who have been approached, as well as by other sources.

The APCAV’s objective, in line with its mission, is to defend the interests of Verbier and Val de Bagnes property owners. Our association also aims to ensure the harmonious development of the resort. The ski lift company, by virtue of the monopoly it enjoys and its strategic importance for Verbier, is of vital importance to Verbier owners. In this respect, we are listening to our members and understand their current concerns about a possible takeover by an American group, which would inevitably involve changes to the current situation. If a majority of the capital were to pass into new hands, this would have a long-term impact on our region and it is therefore legitimate to ensure, before such a transition takes place, that it is in the interests of all stakeholders, in particular the owners of both primary and secondary residences. In this context, the APCAV will do everything in its power to ensure that, whatever the outcome of the present or future procedures, the continued existence of Téléverbier is guaranteed in the interests of the loyal users of the ski lifts who are the owners of Verbier.

We are not taking a position at this stage on whether an acquisition by Vail Resorts, which has been denied by the Burrus family, is appropriate, but we are closely monitoring developments in this area, which will be discussed shortly by the APCAV committee and with our members.

Contact person:

Brigitte Borel, President, 079 405 56 16,