Survey on our Commune

Dear Member,

The Alliance Résidences Secondaires Suisse (ARSS) *, supported by our association, awards a label to tourist destinations which are distinguished by the particular appreciation of their owners of second homes (R2). A representative survey will show how they live their destination. For our town, we strongly invite you to participate.

“Top destination R2” label

Based on the results of the survey, the best towns / destinations will be rewarded. The survey provides a profile of the strengths and weaknesses of the destination, allows a comparison with other “holiday communities” and will be a valuable tool in contact with our authorities and those responsible for tourism.

The label award status is available on the Alliance website:

The questionnaire: short, clear, to be answered in 5 minutes!

In addition to the collection of objective elements such as costs, co-determination, etc. by the committee, we would like to collect your opinion on our town / holiday destination by means of a questionnaire.

Take part in our project!

The online survey and evaluation are completely anonymous, i.e. they are done without knowing your name, without reference to your email address and are carried out by a neutral market research company (publitest , Zurich).

Thank you for answering the questionnaire until Thursday March 12, 2020

We are available for any questions.

By opening the questionnaire, a French or English version is available to you.

To complete the online questionnaire, click on the link below!

Yours sincerely

The Swiss Secondary Residences Alliance


To find out more about the “Swiss Secondary Residences Alliance:

The ARSS currently brings together 34 secondary residence organizations across Switzerland, of which we are also a member, representing the interests of all owners of secondary homes.

The Alliance pays particular attention to the relations between residents, authorities and owners of secondary homes.