Event on 9 March 2024 & Téléverbier 2023 Activity Report

We are delighted to be holding our next event on 9 March at 67 Pall Mall, which is now fully booked. On this occasion, we will have the opportunity to discuss the theme of “Téléverbier” with Christian Burrus, Vice-Chairman and Deputy Director of Téléverbier SA, Laurent Vaucher, CEO of Téléverbier SA, and Simon Wiget, Director of Verbier Tourism.

We invite all our members, whether or not they will be attending the event, to discover Téléverbier’s 2023 activity report here, which already presents the various points that will be discussed tomorrow:

Televerbier Rapport Annuel 2023

We would also like to inform you that Téléverbier’s 2024 Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday 12 April 2024 at 10am at the Espace St-Marc in Le Châble. For further information :

Téléverbier 2024 AGM

Have a good day, best regards.

(Photo credit: 67 Pall Mall / Verbier Tourisme)