Notre|Our Verbier (ANOV) – Creation and deveopment of a community memory project

Request to APCAV members

Our vision: “To preserve the past, present and future in order to create a living history for all”.
Association Notre|Our Verbier is a digital archive and community website dedicated to documenting the evolution of Verbier from 1900 to today and beyond.

The commune of Val de Bagnes, of which Verbier is a part, has a large global community of followers, but to date there is no platform or project dedicated to its past and history. In 2020, an archive site was created – – to encourage the inhabitants and enthusiasts of this corner of paradise to contribute their stories and content (photos, films, works of art, audio and printed documents, etc.). These have been archived in an interactive, fun and accessible digital format.

The innovative use of technology allows the community to build its own story by sharing their stories – “For the community by the community”. To date, ANOV has received over 400 contributions to the archive website which are easily searchable by decade, year, activity, etc.
In addition, a private Group has been created on Facebook (Association Notre|Our Verbier) which now has over 1’400 members who have contributed hundreds of photos and stories. Please don’t hesitate to join this group!

ANOV connects the entire community with a common goal – to create a permanent digital record of Verbier’s evolution since 1900 and its living history. Besides preserving these valuable historical archives and stories, the aim is also to create a strong link between the different communities across generations and cultures to promote and support the connectivity that Verbier is known for.
An interview programme has also been set up to collect testimonies from a wide range of people with a connection to the Val de Bagnes and Verbier. They will share their lives, their fondest memories, their activities, their relationship with this place, how it has evolved over the years, etc., so that this living history will be preserved for future generations. Several interviews have already been recorded and can be listened to on the archive website.

We invite APCAV members to contribute their memories – photos, videos, documents – to complete the archives. We are looking for anything that might be of interest to current and future generations – this also includes ephemera such as lift tickets, badges, etc. We would be happy to scan slides or photos from family albums and would also welcome audio interviews of 30-40 minutes in length.

If you are willing to provide us with material for the archives or if you would like to be interviewed, please contact us at

Thank you very much for your valuable help.

The ANOV Committee
Michael Constant, André Guinnard, Kerry-Jane Lowery, Jane McLaughlin, Fredi Meyer, Paola Möhl Pignatelli, Mark Shapiro.