Property in Switzerland

Considering the numerous changes in property regulations, we felt that it would be helpful to provide a short summary of what rules are now being applied.

Lets begin with a brief review of the basic Swiss property laws and regulations. 


"law regarding building and urbanisation of the Swiss territory"
  • Aims to preserve the Swiss land and nature by restricting building within specific zones.

  • Aims to concentrate the densification of already populated areas. « Urbanisation »

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Lex Weber (2014)

"the Lex Weber law affects everyone"
  • All regions are limited to a maximum of 20% secondary homes.

  • Any region with a higher % may only construct Primary (R 1) homes in so far as they are located in the correct zones.

  • Secondary homes may be increased by 30% in so far as they have the available density coefficiency.

  • Verbier and its region known as Bagnes currently counts 58.4% secondary homes (R 2) and 41.6 % primary residences (R 1)

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LFAIE - Lex Koller 2012

"The Lex Koller law affects foreign buyers without residency permits and has multiple layers"
  • states that foreigners may purchase a secondary property only in Touristic Zones such as Ski Resorts and some Lakeside Resorts, one of which is Verbier (unlike Le Chable or Vollèges that are outside the « zone »)

  • limits land purchase to 1000m2

  • limits habitable surface property to 200m2

  • limits ownership to ONE Swiss property only

  • must apply and receive autorisation to purchase

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