Christian Burrus, vice-president and main shareholder of Téléverbier met members of Apcav in Verbier

Eighty members of the Association of Chalet and Apartment Owners of Verbier (APCAV) met for a themed aperitif at the private Club 67 Pall Mall in Verbier.

Rumors have circulated of the possible takeover of Téléverbier SA (TVSA) by the American company Vail Resorts, which recently acquired Crans Montana ski lifts, and denials followed from the Burrus family, the main shareholder. Apcav wanted to offer its members an opportunity to discuss with representatives of TVSA about this topic which is of capital importance for the station.

An open discussion was necessary as some property owners in the region and members of APCAV received a letter encouraging them to get together to counter the attempts to take control of TVSA by acquiring the shares of the Burrus family. Christian Burrus, vice-president and managing director, as well as Laurent Vaucher, CEO, answered questions from members and presented their strategic vision for TVSA.

Christian Burrus took stock of his family’s decades-long involvement with TVSA, which began with the buyout carried out by his father Paul Burrus at a time when Televerbier was close to bankruptcy. The family also played a decisive role in the 2000s in countering the French number one ski lift company, Compagnie des Alpes, which wanted to take control of TVSA.

The Burrus family has always been committed to the benefit and further development of the ski station and to combating the ambitions of international groups to take over TVSA. Christian Burrus claims to be part of this continuity. “I have been on the Board of Directors for 24 years, I have a long-term vision and we did not come to Verbier to make a financial coup,” he says. “It has never been my goal to sell our Téléverbier shares. The only thing that interests me is Verbier. We have received several offers to takeover Televerbier over the years but, I repeat, Téléverbier is not for sale, period.”

After emphasizing the importance of a stable shareholder base, Christian Burrus mentioned two fundamental points:

  1. On the one hand, the need to have a common vision between TVSA and the Commune de Bagnes. He indicated that he has very good relations and collaborates well with the Commune but that it requires constant work to align the visions of these two entities. He is fully aware of the fact that the backbone of Verbier is TVSA and that the entire local economy depends on it. TVSA also depends on the Commune and its ability to create suitable infrastructure.
  2. On the other hand, Televerbier’s desire to unify the 4 Valleys, for the good of customers.

Laurent Vaucher, discussed the progress of the new Télémix which will connect Carrefour to Savoleyres, he stated that the file to obtain the building permit is in progress with the Confederation and the Canton. The best scenario would be, depending on the speed in obtaining authorizations, that the installation should be open for the 2025/26 season.

Laurent Vaucher noted that TVSA and Vail Resorts have been partners and have been working together for 10 years. Verbier season ticket holders are entitled to five free days of skiing in any of the 38 Vail Resorts in the USA, Canada and Australia.

After a constructive discussion, members were able to continue discussions around cocktails offered by 67 Pall Mall, APCAV’s partner.

We would like to thank 67 Pall Mall for their generosity, in particular the General Manager of 67 Pall Mall: Maxime Bedere. For more information on the conditions for becoming a member of 67 Pall Mall, do not hesitate to contact the Club:


  • Brigitte Borel, APCAV President : 079 405 56 16