The future sports centre: A magnificent project for Verbier and its influence

The development and modernisation of the new sports centre was recently presented to the members of the APCAV.

With the recent lifting of the appeals, the next steps could be activated. The realisation of this space will bring a unique benefit to Verbier by offering attractive indoor activities.

The main features of the project are:

✔ An entrance hall: reception + a spa independent of the other spaces, containing an outdoor pool, hammam and sauna
✔ Indoor pools: one with 6 lines for swimming, one for heated relaxation and one for children
✔ Outdoor pools: heated water, relaxation pools
✔ A kids’ area for families during the summer
✔ A restaurant with an indoor and outdoor bar
✔ A fitness centre: weight training + group classes

You can find on the Commune’s website.

Discover some images here of the project (illustrative images).